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Tired, So Tired
I’m tired
       so tired
Of pretending
   to know what I’m doing
When I really have no clue
   why I’m here,
   where I’m going,
       what comes next.
I’m tired
   of being afraid. Of always
watching for danger,
the worst, of
       never feeling safe.
I’m tired
   of being so tired. Of
forcing myself
to keep going, when
       I just want to sleep.
I’m tired
of being      
Of constantly
   feeling different,
 not fitting in,
not being able to relate.
I’m tired of false hopes,
of shattered dreams,
of never getting it right,
of starting over and over and over,
       of never being at peace.
But most of all,
   I’m tired,
of never knowing,
         if anything wil
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The Past has Become the Present
of where to go,
   what to do,
      the past feels like the present.
Can't let go
of the feelings
      (fear sorrow disgust rage)
that should've died years ago.
Body's stuck.
     The past has become the present.
Can't relax,
can't trust (especially not myself),
   can't move on.
How can you
       the past is still taking place?
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My Best Friend
Your eyes may be a little
than they used to be,
but you're still as
as ever.
Your hips may be a little
than they used to be,
but you're still as
as ever.
Your fur may be a little
than it used to be,
but you're still as
as ever.
Your bladder may be a little
than it used to be,
but your heart is still as
as it used to be.
I know we may not have much more time together,
but you will always be
        my best friend.
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It's Okay
It's okay if
    they mock you.
If people
try to break you with words.
        You're so much more than others' opinions of you.
It's okay if
    money's tight.
If simply
providing for basic needs is a challenge.
        You're so much more than what you own.
It's okay if
    you don't look the way you'd like.
If you
have a few more (or less) pounds than you'd like.
        You're so much more than your outward appearance.
It's okay if
    you don't quite fit in.
If more often than not
you find yourself alone.
        You're so much more than how popular you are.
You're a
human being,
and this fact alone means       
:iconrubethemime:rubethemime 3 3
Something's Changed
Something's changed
about me.
I don't know what,
    or how,
But I am no longer the same.
I am
still uncertain,
    but no longer afraid.
Still alone,
    but no longer as lonely.
Still not quite happy,
    but no longer sad.
Still flawed,
    but no longer ashamed.
Still physically identical,
    but fundamentally different.
Something's changed
       within me,
and I think it's for the better.
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The Greatest Tragedy in Life
The greatest tragedy in life,
is that as we age,
we learn to stop asking,    
we replace it with the phrase,
    "Yes, sir."
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The Pledge of Allegiance
I pledge allegiance,
to the flag,
of the     
States of America.
And to the
for which it stands. A
        under God,
   triviality and self-importance
for all.
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Why Do You Care?
Why do you care,
    if they die young?
You cannot save them,
        so why do you care?
Why do you care,
    if they are raped and abused?
You do not know them,
        so why do you care?  
Why do you care,
    if their world has been shattered?
They are just Muslims,
        so why do you care?  
Why do you care,
what happens to them?
So what if they are
These things happen, and you are
to prevent them.
So don't worry about those people,
            they aren't even Americans.
        Your happiness
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Nothing is
    what I know.
Nothing is
    what I love.
Nothing is
    what I feel.
Nothing is
        what I have become.
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Desire to be
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Here I sit,
    alone in a group,
Shouldn't have come,
        but I gave in to hope.
Your words make no sense,
    you're pissing me off,
Too tired to care,
        I roll my eyes.
This was supposed to be fun,
    instead I'd rather be dead,
I want to go home,
           just leave me alone.
:iconrubethemime:rubethemime 3 2
I'm defenseless,
caught in the open and
    hemmed in
by an invisible enemy
that will not relent.
When my enemy first attacked I turned to my closest ally,
    begging for support
before my enemy grew too strong.
But my "ally" became enraged,
        furious that I would inconvenience it with my weakness.
So I ran,
    and ran,
        and ran,
until I had run much too far to get home.
    But still my enemy pursued me.
I realized I could not outrun my enemy,
so I called out to God,
           "Oh Lord, please! I know I do not deserve your aid
            but I am beset by a foe I cannot defeat! I need your help
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Something's Wrong
Something's wrong.
Things aren't going the way
    they're supposed to.
I've jumped through the hoops,
    exposed myself
to their superior judgments,
        taken the plunge (twice).
But it hasn't turned out
like they said it would.
    The wounds
        have deepened.
    The eyes
        have darkened.
    The disease
        has spread.
Perhaps this is simply
    how it must be.
:iconrubethemime:rubethemime 7 9
They Say
It's your fault,
    they say.
The disease
    is in your head,
not theirs.
What they did doesn't matter,
You're being resistant,
    they say.
You're supposed to
everything we say,
        without objecting.
The way you think is wrong,
    they say.
Hurry! Faster faster faster! You need to change now!
No time for feelings! No time for caution! No time for
After all,
    as they say,
they're here to help.
:iconrubethemime:rubethemime 5 2
Going, going...
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Fuck you all :iconrubethemime:rubethemime 5 0


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United States
I'm not a mime; my name's just a little inside joke. Anyway, I'm not really an artist. I'm actually a psychology student, and my goal is to pursue a career in counseling and/or therapy. I absolutely love people (most of the time), even though I'm a bit of an introvert.
As far as the art thing goes, don't expect a whole bunch of entries from me. As I stated before I'm not much of an artist, i only created this account because I love this site. I write a little informal poetry here and there when I feel like it, but that's about it. Still, I'll try to submit a few things every now and then just so I feel like I'm contributing.

Current Residence: Elyria, Ohio
Favourite genre of music: Classic Rock and Grunge

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